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Yesterday I went to a school summer fete with my grandchildren at their school.
It was the first one for two years since Covid and the first one experienced by my seven Yr old granddaughter.

I had such fun introducing her to Granny's favourite fete stall, the tombola!  :f_laugh:  And we won! She went away laden with questionable goodies, all the delicious joy of a tombola.

She bought her first raffle tickets and I had to explain how it worked.

We ate cakes, candyfloss and drank tea and had a wonderful time.
Today I'm contentedly knackered.

So, what's your favourite summer fete stall?

Sunny Clouds:
Home-made cake.

I don't think I've been to a summer fete since I was a schoolgirl!  I'm asssuming the weather behaved itself, DD  :62_62:

I replied to this yesterday and today my post has disappeared  :f_yikes:

The weather was perfect, thanks Kizzy, and you are missing out on a treat at the summer fete. As Sunny said, who can't resist the cake stall and a strong cuppa  :cake: :cake: :item3678: .  Plus if you hang on towards the end when the crowds are thinned out then things are usually reduced  :f_laugh:

In my experience fetes are fete worse than death.


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