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Random hugs to random Ouchers

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Sunny Clouds:
I know you've each got your problems, in your own way having to cope with difficult stuff, so here's some random hugs to pay forward kindnesses others have given me offline.

Here's a socially distanced hug


Here's a hug from a fellow Oucher


Here's a group hug with Ouch-bubble members (fully jabbed - virtually or otherwise)


And if you prefer not to have hugs, here's an alternative


Keep going, lovely Ouchers.  You've kept me going.

Sunshine Meadows:
Thank you :f_rose:


Sunny Clouds:
Nah, that health professional wouldn't work for me.    Wouldn't purr. 

It was only recently that I saw something about stroking pets increasing your oxytocin levels that it occurred to me that no longer having a cat reduced my wellbeing in more ways than just companionship. 

I'd not be able to cope with a dog, though.  They're not assertive enough when training their humans.

The attached photo is me being trained by my mums dog.  That’s the expression that says why are you sitting there it’s time for another walk


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