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Strontium Green:
I know Ouch Too has been less than active for a long time and a while ago I closed it to new members because of the workload that the spam bots created. I have now realised it is time to reopen the possibility of registration and that is what I have done.

No new members will be able to see the 3am board, the first three posts on the new member can make will be reviewed before they appear etc.

This change of heart was prompted by a short visit to The Mighty website. Horses for courses and all that jazz.

Sunny Clouds:
That sounds very practical.

It'd be nice to have some new blood  :thumbsup:   Not that I'm complaining about the existing contingent, of course....

Sunny Clouds:

--- Quote from: KizzyKazaer on 05 May 2022 08:44PM ---...Not that I'm complaining about the existing contingent, of course....

--- End quote ---

What?  Don't you read my mad rantings over everything from disability politics to health services?  Or are you just very tolerant?   :f_angel:

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to seeing if we get some interesting new posters here.

Sunshine Meadows:
 :f_angel: :biggrin:

On a side note SusieCat is offering to participate more but she says it's difficult to get the Meow meows translated to English.


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