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How moods vary from person to person

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Sunny Clouds:
Gosh, no, you can't have complex moods!  And if you've got a sort of depression or mood-related 'disorder', you have to stick to it.  You can't be unipolar depressed for part of your life and bipolar depressed for part of it.  And if you've got a mood disorder label of any sort, you definitely can't have depression as a natural response to anything.   And that's not 'anger', it's a 'symptom' of your 'disorder'.  Even if the anger is totally justified.

And whatever you do, don't get any condition (or variant) that hasn't been discovered, researched, evidenced, published, included in the next edition of the manuals, and had an accepted treatment plan drawn up.

Cynical?  Moi?  Whatever gave you that idea?  :f_whistle:

 :f_laugh: :f_winkeye: :big_hugs:

Hello Sunny Clouds

I realy understand how every one has duffernt moods/feelings + you feel you you are been treated as bog standerd U get fed up been treated as a typucal/bog standerd impaured person just because I use a wheel chair

Sunny Clouds:
What did he say?  Someone?  Anyone?  Cooeee!  Who's speaking for this wheelchair user?  Oh, well, I'll see if he can say anything.

Do.  you.  have.  feelings? 

Oh dear, I shouldn't be asking.  He's handicapped or something.  I mean, he's in a wheelchair so his mind probably doesn't work.


Sunny Clouds:
What?  Read what he says?  But his spelling!  I mean, how could anyone without perfect spelling have anything valid to say?  He's probably mental or something.  Maybe it's that dyslexia thing.  What do you mean there have been lots of successful people like politicians, businessmen, doctors, lawyers etc. with it?

Well, ok, maybe he's just thick or brain injured or something.  What do you mean mental ability isn't all or nothing, you can be good at some sorts of thinking and not others and IQ tests and school exams are rubbish at showing that?

Oh, for heaven's sake, he's in a wheelchair, a wheelchair!  Who do I speak to to find out if he's got any opinions on this?



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