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How moods vary from person to person

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Sunny Clouds:
PS I can't find the textbook diagnostic code for 'dreadful sense of humour'.  Sorry, no, it must be 'mania' or something.  Nurse!  I'm not textbook normal!

Hello Sunny Clouds

How on Earth dare you say he's in a wheelchair so he has PROBLEY got mental health problem's it was so bl**~dy AROGENT + PATRONISSING of you it was so narrow minded of you

Sunny Clouds:
Really?  Oh good, that's the 'normal' response to wheelchair users, so I must be 'normal'. 


(I wish I lived nearer to you so we could meet up, but you'd probably want to put in earplugs first so you didn't have to listen to me!)

Back the thread header subject, personally I think Uncle Mort and Victor Meldrew were far too cheerful.

Sunny Clouds:


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