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Mental health diagnosis being a death sentence

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Decarcerating Care

Why when we wobble – when we feel too much –
Or when the world is just too much
Do they then lock us up?
In cells and halls like monks or felons
Then drug us and leave us to rot
With occasional interrogations
To make us “think right”
To make us conform
To a social straight jacket –
As if our distress is our fault
Why does society not find another way -
Less traumatic, less confining – less abusive
There are so many other ways to treat distress
Carceral care is not conducive to healing or de-stressing

One example I like is the Soteria House –
A place where one can go when things become too much –
Where one can cry, can laugh, can talk, can rant, can curse,
Where one can smash crockery or paint or sing or dance
Or talk the night away until the pressure equalises
Can discuss the things that are on one’s mind, on one’s plate
Without oneself being the dish, the subject, the object
Where one can express without judgement, find an even keel

Another thing that one should consider
Are the societal ills that drag us under
That smother and drown us
In inequality and money worries
In Power imbalances and state violence
In lack of support and care and community.
Perhaps these are things that could be addressed –
Therapy for our nation and for our world
Perhaps we could shape our countries into healing places
Instead of places of state and social violence and condemnation
That tear us into bits – put us on the rack
Crush us and tear at our souls
So perhaps we should put our world into
The locked ward and therapize it until it
Conforms to OUR notions of what is right and sane
Perhaps we can cure it of its ills
And teach the world to learn compassion
To give freedom for expression, for letting off steam
Freedom for hugs and comfort
Freedom to smash plates out the back
Freedom to convalesce, to heal at our pace,
To grieve without being pathologized

To howl at the moon and rail at the sky
To provide wings for those who cannot fly
To provide care and sufficiency
To trade want and woe for enough
So that there is time enough
So that there is space enough
So that there is room enough
Room to love -
To love oneself and the other
To be a good sister
To be a good brother
To love the stranger and to pass it on
To spread the load and share our shoulders
To be free in freedom unconfined
To be healed in spirit and in mind
To share one’s soul,
 To share one’s care
Carceral Care should be put on the shelf
State violence confined instead

Tony Demoncy 12/04/2022

Sunny Clouds:
That's moving and I agree with so much of it.

Thanks Sunny Clouds


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