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Government consultation on a ten year mental health plan


Simple Politics (Instagram) alerted me to a government consultation asking for people's opinions on how people's mental health can be improved for a ten year plan. If you'd like to complete their survey the link is here. It's lengthy but does automatically save every page.

Sunny Clouds:
I tried to fill it in, but couldn't keep track of what I'd put in what box.  I think maybe I'll have a go at a written reply.

I wish I didn't feel so negative about it, because personally I'm not convinced that most of the things that would  or might help are likely to be implemented, but if I don't put forward my views, who'll hear them?

So I'll try tomorrow to see what I can put together.

I could've written heaps but decided whoever was transcribing the information wouldn't note it all down so for each question I chose my most important point for that question, sometimes I chose two things. For example while there is a long list of things that I feel are needed to improve older people's mental health I chose decreasing social isolation and loneliness as my biggest factor and didn't mention all the other things that I thought of if that makes sense.

I was impressed that the survey automatically saves every page so you can return to it as and when, not many do that. My knowledge of what's needed for children and young people is limited so I didn't comment on that. My children grew up in an age before social media and so I suspect pressures and needs are entirely different now.

Sunny Clouds:
What I couldn't work out was how to delete pages.


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