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Free prescription delivery services

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How frustrating to go to all that effort and then find the meds aren't ready. I feel for you.
Home delivery services from local pharmacies are a real blessing for those of us who struggle to access physical shops, for whatever reason.

Sunny Clouds:

It's to do with things like rent and timing.

If you get your scrips from a traditional chemists shop with a pharmacy round the back, they may have busy times and quiet times and may need quite a bit of floor space relative to income from scrips and non-pharmacy shop sales.

However, home deliveries aren't made up while you're waiting in a shop, so if a local chemist shop does it, the pharmacist can make up the scrip in-between other stuff, thus saving staff time.  They may also pull in more business from a wider area. 

If they then combine with other shops, the savings in staff time and floor space relative to number of scrips may offset the delivery costs.

Also, for a larger group of shops, whether a group of independents or a chain, they can operate a small warehouse pharmacy (which might or might not be combined with the premises of a shop), thus maybe saving on what I'll call 'high street shop overheads'.  That can work even better cost-wise if they're either a big chain or a non-shop chain, with a depot that can be somewhere with attractively lower rents and more parking space for vans.

Thus there is saving to be made.  Sadly, part of that saving may include, overall,  a shift in balance of staff towards more low-paid high-stressed delivery drivers.  The difficulty, of course, is not knowing which pharmacy chains pay & treat their drivers fairly, and I haven't a clue, and in any case, we don't know how fairly backroom staff are paid anyway.

Think of it like how online shops can sell cheaper (although how often they do and at whose expense varies).

I use Pharmacy2u - I decided to try them when boots were massively unreliable. I have found them to be very reliable.


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