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I find it really difficult to leave the house. The one good thing about Covid for 18 months was the volunteer group who would pick up prescriptions and drop them off. I currently have things that should have been collected two weeks ago and some urgent daily meds now sitting at the pharmacy waiting for me to conquer my anxiety and get myself there.

A leaflet came through my door about pharmacy4u which says they deliver repeat prescriptions free to you and free to the NHS. Is that just items on repeat? My GP tends to go through verbally with me every 2 or 4 weeks exactly what I need and sometimes I need extra things which won't be on repeat. Do these free delivery services deliver whatever a GP prescribes or only things on your repeat prescription list?

Due to risk, not much sits on my repeat list!

My local pharmacy has a free delivery service of it's own and I love it! All the drivers know me and wait for me to get to the door. It's a really efficient service and is it comes directly from my pharmacy that know my doctors I feel this helps.

I've never used one of the postal services so couldn't comment.

Sunny Clouds:
I get my scrips from a major chain pharmacy and prefer to pick up my meds, but whether they're collected or delivered, they just make up the latest scrip I ask my GP surgery to send them electronically.  They need a fresh scrip each time the same as when I took a piece of paper in.

A few months back I had an item I don't usually have and it wasn't a problem.

I think the simplest way to find out would be to phone your GP surgery and ask if patients have had any problems with any of the suppliers you're considering.

Sunny Clouds:
I just did a rummage online.  Forgive me if I seem like I'm hairsplitting over the name of the service, but what I write might be more helpful if you mistyped. 

When I looked for pharmacy4u, it gave me a small group of named pharmacies, seemingly with shops.  If that's what you got info from, then logically talk to the local pharmacist.

But I wonder if you mistyped for pharmacy2u.  If so, I just took a dekko at their website and the system appears to allow you to get your GP to submit different prescriptions each time.

--- Quote ---When you register with us you will automatically be set up for our free reminder service.
10 working days before your medication is due we will remind you to place your order. Depending on what type of surgery you are registered with you can place an order, online, on the App, or directly with your GP.
Some surgeries do not allow any pharmacies to order on behalf of patients. For more details click here.
Once your GP issues your prescription, we aim to dispense and dispatch your items within 2-3 working days of receiving this.

--- End quote ---

As it was a delivery service I probably misremembered it as I typed the post upstairs and the leaflet was downstairs.

I think there is one pharmacy in my town that delivers free. If it's free to the NHS and customer I'm unsure how it's funded. I pushed myself to get to my pharmacy today but they didn't have everything that I needed and it won't be in stock until Monday which means I need to collect it Tuesday. Such a pain when I find it so hard to go anywhere. I really need to sort out deliveries, it would solve all this.


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