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Getting Hold of Lateral Flow Tests

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After testing positive for covid I was able to get another set of LFTs through the government website sent via the post, however these are mostly gone with one of us testing each day (After 5 days.).
I've been trying to order another kit and they keep telling me that none are available. Is anyone else finding the same thing?

What's going to be the procedure next month when access to free LFTs is stopped?
Covid numbers in my local hospital are higher at the moment than they were in winter. Yet officially there's no need to isolate if you test positive (if you're vaccinated) according to Boris,  leaving those people at risk at greatest harm. With no means of free testing and no mask mandate I'm worried about getting the next variant of covid from someone forced to go into work while unwell and people assuming 'it's just a bad cold'.

Am I the only one to feel angry, worried, and bewildered by the lack of leadership and support for chronically sick and disabled people regarding the shortage of information about the changes that are coming ahead?
I feel that yet again we are not even a consideration in Boris' big plans and are just a drain on resources he would rather not have.

Sunny Clouds:
In my pessimistic moments, I see it as eugenics.  At other times, I see it as incompetence.  Who knows?

However, given that the Tories are privatising the NHS (with the help of Blair's PFI which suggests that Starmer's Labour probably won't oppose more privatisation), I think they see people that would be a nuisance for their private insurer and private hospital friends as not just disposable but desirable to get rid of.  And vast swathes of English care homes (I don't know whether it's the same in the Celtic bits of the UK) have been privatised and asset-stripped and are ready to be abandoned by the asset-strippers.

So even if those in power aren't deliberately killing off vulnerable people, it's difficult to be sure, because there's a big financial incentive for those with certain political views and who move in certain circles to see vulnerable people killed off.

I hope that I'm just being over-pessimistic.

I'd ordered a pack aware that they won't be free after March and have tried to order another pack and like you, they don't have any available. They'll be plenty available on April 1st when people will be paying for them!

I know so many people with Covid right now, numbers are really high. I feel fortunate not to have had it at all.

Sunny Clouds:
I've a friend in her seventies who had covid and she's got ongoing heart problems.  She has been providing ongoing support for her schizoaffective son.  He's trying to help now, and already, as I understand it, helped with things like shopping.

My point?  Well, whilst not keeping vulnerable people safe may seem to advantage those that want to get rid of the 'benny scroungers' who are a 'burden' on the 'taxpayer', it also leaves behind others who are anything but.

Ah, but surely not all vulnerable people are helping other vulnerable people?  Well, no, not in that way, but what about those little contributions vulnerable people make to society?  E.g. is it really cheaper for society to let granny get long covid or even die (but not instantly) than to let her carry on providing a bit of free babysitting so that  her children can work flexible hours, or deterring a bit of local crime by keeping an eye out for burglars, or doing a bit of voluntary work here and there, or passing on a few skills and life experiences to another generation?

And, being really crude about it, the poorest and most deprived already had shorter life expectancies, so those that are a bit more what I'll call 'financially contributory' to society are more likely to be an issue here.

Oh well, we can keep fighting back, keep spreading our message.  My favourite is to point out to people that even if we want to go through life being utterly selfish in our decisions, for the vast majority of us, applying the 'first they came for' principle is in their interests.  If we protect others in society, they're there to protect others.  (Not the specific people, in terms of overall numbers.)

In the meantime, I wonder how long before someone starts up a black market in fake tests?  They must be there already, just as it's not difficult to forge an official vaccination confirmation letter.

What a pity I'm not an unscrupulous mendacious entrepreneur.  There's money to be made there.

Apparently if you say you are a pharmacy technician or pharmacy assistant and give the postcode where there is a pharmacy a pack of lateral flow tests will be sent to your home address.  :f_whistle:


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