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Anyone else playing Wordle? I had seen the name bandied about and realised it was a word based game but my guests over the last couple of days were chatting about it and clearly enjoy it so I looked into it today.

You can only play one game a day which may be a bonus. My first game today and I got the word in three lines. I'm not sure if today's Wordle was easier than normal or if I did well!

It's here

Sunny Clouds:
I love it, although I'm doing Hello Wordl as well, which not only has a daily word but which also has random words.

That being said, I may be being too systematic about it, feeding in three standard words first to find the vowels and some of the key letters.  I vary words two and three if I hit more than a couple of letters first time.  This sort of mechanisation/robotisation of how I do it seems to stop me spending hours on Hello Wordl.

I was finding Wordle too easy so although I still do it now also do Quordle and also the Hurdle game. Hurdle is definitely the hardest but I haven't lost yet!


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