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In crisis – where to find help

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Sunshine Meadows:
Some people wont want to post on the boards and we still want to help them by suggesting resources and websites we recommend.

In crisis – where to find help (list compiled by Otter- thank you)

Samaritans – contact via phone, email, letter or face to face
In the UK and also the Republic of Ireland - dial FREEPHONE 116123

SANE – contact via phone, email and online forum 
phone 08457 67 80 00 

Bullying UK contact via phone, email, online chat
phone 0808 800 2222

Papyrus- teenagers and young adults
phone Hope Line UK 0800 068 41 41

Child Line- children and teenagers as well as concerned adults
Phone, email, online chat
0800 11 11      (number is short so easily remembered)

Support, Information and Resources – for when you’re feeling up to it, can see the woods from the trees

MIND – if in crisis recommends you contact the Samaritans

Depression Alliance

CALM – the campaign against living miserably, men aged 15 to 35

Students Against Depression

Large mental health service directory for information for when you’re out of the woods – tailored to condition

Sunshine Meadows:
Hi All,

This board was set to Read Only and I have changed it to allow posting. I am logged into my Admin account, could someone post to this thread so I know there is general access to the board.

Thank you.


Sunshine Meadows:
Thank you  >star<

I've tried a few times to get through to the Samaritans in recent weeks. It's a challenge to me because I struggle with telephones. But each time it rings and rings and every now and then there's a message saying that although they are busy "do stay on the line". My anxiety gets worse and worse as the wait for an answer continues then I throw in the "they're obviously so busy and other people more deserving/desperate are waiting for an answer" and I have yet to win the battle with my anxiety and stay in the queue long enough to speak to someone. It just shows how needed the Samaritans are though doesn't it, that it takes so long to get through. I always panic that if I ever did get through, I wouldn't know what to say.


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