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A Pair of old slippers

In the barely remembered past,
We were, each to the other, mysteries
Waiting to unfoldlike buds of scented roses
Sweet and beautiful .

And I longed to know and be known,
But shied away from revelation ,
lest the truth be to ugly for you to bear,
And exposure left me naked and alone.

I did not know that uncovering would be freedom,
And my very vulnerability would draw you to me,
I did not want to be needy and at your mercy
And yet craved your protection too, ah so contradictory.

Gently and with kindness you drew me,
Out of me and to you,
lead me to places  beyond my dreams
Where hope was possible and trust was safe.

I learned to be strong,
More self reliant and powerful,
Than I could have been alone.
And yes I liked the new me as she appeared .

Now we fit together like the lid to a pot,
Snugly, securely but not inseparable,
We have changed, grown comfortable,
And sit side by side like a pair of old slippers

You wrote that yourself?  I'm not a poetry fan usually, but I enjoyed that.  You have a bit of a talent there, Myrtle  >biggrin<

 >applause< >applause< >applause< >applause< >applause< >applause< >applause< >applause<  >hugs<

Yes indeed - I've seen the poem on one or two places on the internet, and have often wondered who wrote it - so now we know!


Sunshine Meadows:
Its a lovely poem thank you for sharing it  >hugs<


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