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Sunshine Meadows:
I am going to try to upload an alternate theme to the server there is a slight possibility that the message board will be unavailable but give it time and it will be back up again.

Sunshine Meadows:
Scratch that idea the cat is pestering me and I cant concentrate lol. I will do this another day.

Scratch that idea


Sunshine Meadows:
 >lol< I ended up going for a nap for 3 hours  and woke up fuzzy, but the good news is Go Daddy hosting got back to me on a how to and now that I know how to do a back up I will sort it tomorrow, then I can play with the new theme that will (hopefully) be an alternative for those who need it. Gosh I need to write shorter sentence.

Night night all see you tomorrow.

looking forward to seeing it in all its glorious glory ! >tah< >angel<


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