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NI contributions- underlying entitlement


When I had to stop work six or so years ago I was informed that I wasn't entitled to any income related benefits as I hadn't been working enough hours a week to pay NI contributions and my husband was earning too much.

I've recently found out that I might be eligible for underlying NI credits as I am eligible for ESA, just don't meet the employment history criteria.

Have I missed out on all these years NI credits and is there any way I can get them back? I was in receipt of Higher Rate DLA at the time and now Enhanced PIP.

I'm currently paying Voluntary NI contributions out of my PIP each month and it's a large chunck that I could spend on other things at the moment with price rises.
I'm feeling a little bit dazed and confused about how I should proceed. Do I need to apply for ESA as a first step?

Sorry for all the questions! I'm really at sea here.

You can try applying for new style ESA which is the equivalent of contributions based ESA but to get new style ESA the NI contributions have to be from employment. I don’t think you can get ESA from self paid contributions. If you apply for ESA and they refuse to pay you anything it’s called credits only which is what I think your asking about.  You’d need to apply for universal credit esa to get credits only esa.

Apply for new style and insist on a medical and then argue about the NI credits


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