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I've just received my PIP review form through the post, what joy, and it's so different from the usual PIP forms that I want to make sure that I understand how to complete it properly.

From what I've read, it seems that they are only interested in how or if my conditions have changed since my last assessment. Is this correct?

I have until July 22nd to return the form and have a copy of my last PIP form to refer to.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be immensely grateful.

Sunny Clouds:
A concept - see form filling linguistically and translate your needs from 'Claimantspeak' into 'Assessorspeak'.

If I limp, for me it's a sign of strength and adaptation, using the bits of me that work to compensate for the bits that don't.  For an assessor, what  matters is if limping is a sign of weakness, if bits of me don't work properly.

An example of a 'Do not'. 

Personally I have a bad habit I urge others not to copy.  When filling in forms for myself, I panic and defensively go into absurd detail, nitpicking, hair-splitting, technical terminology etc. to the point of panic-stricken counter-productiveness.  Don't, don't, don't!!!  E.g. assessor thought 'attentional memory problems' meant 'dementia' and asked my GP if I had dementia or 'mild cognitive impairment', i.e. euphemism for early dementia.   Which brings me to my second point...

An example of a 'Do'.  An example of 'translation' that has worked for me in a range of form-filling contexts when I use it, which I always have when filling in forms for others.  (I have raised seven figures in funding from grants this way.) 

I looked in despair at some grant forms.  I wanted funding for providing help for people in an inner city area.  I  needed to prove that the demographics of the people our charity helped mapped onto local demographics.  But the official statistical boundaries were based around ward & constituency & city boundaries, not around our catchment area, which overlapped statistical areas.  Well, we just accepted anyone that wanted & needed our help.  Stuff what colour, religion, nationality, social class or whatever they were.  If they needed extra help to use our services, we fixed it up for them.  But the people assessing applications didn't know that.

Hmm, what to do?  I got it.  Don't divide by 'ethnicity' or 'nationality' or 'religion'.  Divide by generations of immigration.  This generation, parents, or unknown/further back.  Bingo, it mapped on to the official statistics.  If that hadn't worked, I could have tried other methods.

So I didn't misrepresent anything, I found more appropriate way to represent the key information truthfully.  They wanted to know whether we provided services to the local people that needed them without prejudice or exclusion so I found a way to say yes, we did.

To summarise

'Translate' your 'independence needs' from Claimantspeak into Assessorspeak.  Not how you describe them, how they describe them.  Not how you conceptualise them, how they conceptualise them.  Not what you think should gain you points, what they think should gain you points.

You and other regular posters will know me well enough for me not to need to say this to you, but to be clear for any lurkers -  I am not saying misrepresent your needs or lie about them.

What you need to be careful of is the decision they made last time before it went to tribunal (if that happened) is what they base their new decision on. So you need the award letter showing what points you were awarded last time.
For example 2 points for food preparation as needs an aid, yes I still need an aid but if you do things slower than last time put that down as it got worse.
If you had to go to tribunal to get additional points I would put in a copy of the tribunal decision notice, the new decision maker is not automatically given that information.

Good luck

Sunny, I get your points completely. Thank you, as always for explaining it so well.

Monic, thankfully I have never had to go through an appeal or tribunal. Your suggestion about looking at the points I was awarded last time round for each activity is inspired. I would never have thought to do that so many thanks.

This next week I'm going to spend going to through my last application and copy hospital letters confirming how my conditions have declined and new ones arisen, plus hospital discharge notes, repeat prescription list etc for my supplementary evidence. There's no point adding a Care plan as I don't have a current one. Social Services seem to have conveniently forgotten about me and I haven't seen a social worker for a review in about five or six years! But they keep paying my Direct Payments so that's OK  :f_doh:
Actually, I don't mind too much been left to get on with things, but my Care Plan does need updating desperately. The problem lies with the lack of Social workers in my area and the Council was rated as needing significant improvement within the whole of Social Care a few years ago and there don't seem to any signs of things getting better yet.

Anyway, I'm digressing. Anything to keep me away from that bloody form  :f_laugh:

I've finally started on the crazy PIP form!

There are a couple of questions where I need to answer 'no changes since completely last PIP application '.

Anyone any ideas how best I should phrase this? I'm unsure how I should answer it as I don't want to leave it blank or imply that I don't have any needs.

I'm following the advice given, thanks, and have a rough draft prepared minus these couple of questions I'm not sure what to answer with!


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