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PIP payments over a Bank holiday

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My next PIP payment is due on the 27th December which is a substitute Bank holiday.
Does anyone know when it's likely to be paid instead?

I'm trying to sort out my budget and I'm unsure when the money is likely to be paid!

Ta muchly!

Sunny Clouds:
(Modified by me to insert next bit - second bit is the link I originally posted.)

The official version is on

I can't copy and paste because the layout doesn't work.  Benefits payable on 27th December should be paid on 24th December.

What I originally posted, which summarises it

Info as published by Reach group, including the Mirror and local area versions

--- Quote ---The exact date of when the monthly PIP is paid depends on when you began claiming the benefit. It is paid out on weekdays, except if there is a bank holiday, when you’ll get it the weekday before.
So, for Christmas 2021, if you’re due to be paid on Monday, December 27 or Tuesday, December 28, you’ll get it on Friday, December 24 as those two are public holidays.
Likewise, with the New Year period, if you’re due your PIP money on Monday, January 3, you’ll get it on Friday, December 31 because the January date is a public holiday.
You may also notice an extra £10 this festive period as PIP claimants qualify for the yearly Christmas bonus given out by the Department of Work and Pensions. It should show on your bank statement as: ‘DWP XB’.

--- End quote ---

Source - Mirror story re-published on msn.  The same wording was used in my local version of Reach.

Basically it goes in the weekday before any bank holiday. So, it goes in early. Which is good. What are we all spending our £10 bonuses on this year?

Mine unfortunately will be used up fending off my doubled fuel bill having my previous provider gone bust and new costs being way way way higher. £10 is a drop in the ocean.

Sunny Clouds:
What, you're not pathetically grateful for that enormous sum that our generous government has given you?  Don't you realise how terribly important it is that you economise to enable Amazon shareholders to benefit from their generous donations to tax avoidance advisers?  The Amazon depot workers are doing their bit by urinating in bottles and turning up for work when lurgied.

Thanks Sunny and Fiz for the clear explanations. I knew someone here would have the answers  :thumbsup:

Now, as to the Christmas bonus I've invested it in food. That non essential frivolity.
I wonder what the big bankers and CEOs will be spending their Christmas bonuses on?


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