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CT colonoscopy


I had a CT colonoscopy this week. Lucky me!
Last year I tried to have a conventional colonoscopy but I threw up the gloopy bowel prep solution so they couldn't carry out the procedure. This one just involved fasting the day before and drinking a small amount of radioactive fluid.
The procedure itself involves being inflated with carbon dioxide up the bum rather than a camera. It's uncomfortable and I spent the next couple of days farting incessantly  :f_laugh: , but other than that, it was no worse than I expected.

It's a much kinder and gentler approach to a colonoscopy than having to take that horrible laxative stuff. I would recommend it if it's offered to you.
I get the results at the end of September.

Sunny Clouds:
I hadn't realised there were options.  Now you say about it, it's logical that it exists.

I'm glad it was more tolerable. 

I didn't realise there were other options either! It's amazing what you learn.

I'd never heard of it either! Sounds much easier than the original method.


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