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I'm going to start this by saying it takes a lot for me to drag myself to the dentist. Over the years I have had some really traumatic experiences at the hands of brutal dentists who just wouldn't listen to me, and failed to understand the complexities of my health conditions and how they affect my oral health. 

Since moving, I decided it was finally time to seek out a dentist as I have been having toothache for over a year and haven't seen a dentist in the last 8 years. When I made my first appointment a couple of months ago, I was very surprised by the calm and professional manner my new dentist approached me. He actually listened! He had read up about my medical complications prior to the appointment and actually asked me how they would affect my treatment  :f_smiley:
I was amazed! 
Turns out I needed two extractions. 

So, yesterday I had the first of the extractions. We worked out a signal that I could use to let him know if I experienced any pain and it was over and done with very quickly. 
I'm so relieved I finally had it dealt with and I'm so pleased to have found someone I can trust. 

From now on, I will regularly have my check ups here. Ace dentist  :thumbsup:

Sunshine Meadows:
Well done in going to the dentist to get a check up and then again to get work done  :big_hugs:

Sunny Clouds:
I'm really pleased you've found a good dentist.  It's not easy.

Thank you both. I must admit it's a huge relief to have faced my fears. 
Thankfully, dentists today don't seem to be intent in causing you pain or carrying out unnecessary treatment like they used to.

Sunny Clouds:
I think sometimes it's pot-luck.  I had one dentist a few years back who said I needed a root canal and inlay.  I wasn't convinced an inlay would be best and said I wanted a crown but he was adamant that an inlay was what was needed.  He wanted £400 to do it.

I was wary and got a second opinion from an NHS dentist who X-rayed it and said it didn't show on the X-ray, but in her opinion, it was cracked and should be extracted.

I did my research.  Problem.  An NHS dentist would make a loss on a root canal and inlay or crown based on NHS fee scales at that time, but a private dentist would make more profit on a root canal and inlay than on an extraction.  However, about £400 was indeed the going rate for a root canal plus inlay.  I decided to take a gamble.

The private dentist did the root canal and put a temporary filling in.  Then when I phoned to arrange for the inlay he wanted another £350.  I'd been cheated but coughed up.  I hadn't had the quote in writing, so there was nothing I could do.

Frustratingly, not long after that, the tooth fell apart.  Either it had been cracked before, or he'd cracked it doing the work on it.

My current dentist is very technically competent and doesn't rip me off, but his paperwork or computer equivalent leaves a lot to be desired.  I have had two hospital referrals from him where the  hospital has denied having had a referral.  Based on certain enquiries I made, I'm afraid I believe the hospital.  But I trust him with my teeth.


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