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I had my first dose on January 30th so second dose is due in April. I was in group four being CEV due to unstable adrenal insufficiency. I only had a sore arm as it was the Pfizer I had. That seems to be common with the Pfizer. No other symptoms. My daughter should have her second Pfizer in March ready to return to work when her maternity leave ends. 

Hope yours goes okay kizzy.

Hi Sunshine, the gammon will last the best part of a year, I've added the vacuum packing device I found in a Lidl store to my kitchen gadgets so I've used it to pack the numerous stacks of sliced gammon (including some gammon steaks)  and stored them in the freezer. The ham shank will be fine for making soup later this week.

Kizzy I'll be 70  in 7 years so not long now. It was the AstraZeneca vaccine which has my friend in Berlin a touch concerned because of the decision of the German government to restrict that vaccine to those under 65. My friend's also concerned about how we will cope if by the time I get over to Berlin she has not had a vaccination jab and going by the news coming out of Germany it could easily be September before she is invited for vaccination. There is a bit of me hoping that my flight will be cancelled just so I can claim a cash refund as the voucher I had was preventing the airline from making such a refund and had an expiry date in April.

As things stand I don't know what restrictions there will be in Germany come July when I'm due to fly out there and in a similar sense I don't know what the rules will be here in the UK come August when I'd be hoping to return home, I certainly couldn't afford to stop in a quarantine hotel.

I'm assuming that "all legal restrictions will be lifted on June 21st" if conditions are met means that quarantine will end then as that's a legal restriction. So if the conditions are met you should be fine to fly, British laws wise.

"British laws wise"

Aye but Fiz we've Nicola Sturgeon running things up here and depending on which way the winds blowing in her circle of nut jobs at the top of what was once a strong party for Scottish Independence she might just decide that only those who are of a transgender nature or worship the very ground she walks on are to be allowed to travel.

So you're 63, JLR (see how good my maths is :f_winkeye: )  I think the over-60s are being targeted for jabs next, so you're not far off schedule...

Fiz, mine went fine, just an achey arm during the evening.  I half-expected a headache, but none forthcame;  have read that the Pfizer jab is believed to have less side-effects, so maybe that's why I got off lightly :thumbsup:


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