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I'm considering purchasing a wheelchair. It would be for me to use to get about occasionally as well as when I'm  with someone who can push. I'd like some advice on what to look for.

I have browsed guides online and feel that I need to choose non puncturing tyres despite the ride being less comfortable because I don't have anyone to help me mend punctures and what happens if you're out in it when a puncture occurs?

Sometimes my back is too painful for me to walk but I am worried that if I then revert to a wheelchair it might be as painful for my back propelling it myself? But I guess that I won't find that out until it happens. But I might be as stuck in the wheelchair as without if unable to propel myself due to pain but standing is excruciating and at least I would be sat down when otherwise there are often no places to sit when I reach the end of my rope with pain. So if stuck somewhere due to pain at least I'd always be seated. Can one usually find wheelchair accessible taxis? That would reassure me about ending up stuck somewhere though often I only take cards with me rather than cash and my rare instances of using taxis they've not accepted cards so I would need to be better prepared.

My daughter has often voiced her wish that I had a wheelchair as we're so limited in places we can go when I visit her because of the short distances that I can walk before it gets too painful to continue. I'm also worried that the person pushing me might end up straining themselves as I'm not light?

I'm worried about the weight of the wheelchair. It's going to have to be very light if there is any chance of me being able to get it in or out of the car though I won't need it at home so it could stay in the car and often there'll be someone at my destination who could get it out of the car and set it up for me.

I'm going on holiday with a friend to support her with her severe mental health issues, she's not been on holiday for years because of her health so is very excited about the holiday. She's physically able though so could help with the wheelchair hence me finally biting the bullet and considering purchasing my own chair because I think I will need it on holiday.

Any advice on manufacturers and other things to look out for appreciated too.

Thank you.

Ryan and I both have wheelchairs provided by the NHS, We keep them in the shed as we don't need them everyday. When I came out of Hossy a couple of years ago , I used it more but not in the house,
It wouldn't fit through the hall so I would have to move if I ever need it indoors !!! >crying<

Sunshine Meadows:
How long is it before your holiday and do you have a budget to spend? I ask because if there is enough time I think you should get in touch with your local Wheelchair Service there is more information on this link If they do wheelchair vouchers you are allowed to have the amount the wheelchair they would buy for you costs to go towards the cost of a new wheelchair. Back in around 2010 I got £865 towards a chair that I bought from Bromakin that cost £1400. Back then I was more able to drive and needed a light weight chair that came apart easily so I got one of these which I still use with the Powertrike.

When I lived up north I was allocated a folding chair in the late 1990s and it was okay but difficult to move once folded and there was no way I could safely get it into the car. Also the foot rests were at a different angle to those of rigid chairs so the 'footprint' of the wheelchair was longer. I find solid tyres too bumpy and jarring on on ordinary footpaths and the physical feedback increases my spasms and pain so I have airfilled tyres. You could get those and put the anti punture goo in them.

If you are going to be somewhere that will have a lot of walking so for you a lot of being pushed about you might want to look into renting an electric wheelchair. 

My wheelchair was free from the social services.  To date, over the years, I’ve had three.  The one I use at the moment is a dash.  It’s light weight, and, easy to fold.  However, it’s not self propelling, as we would be unable to get it into the boot of the car.  I also have a mobility scooter, which means I have more independence when shopping in malls etc. There’s always mobility scooters for sale second hand if you shop around, you could get one quite cheaply. 

The only problem I have with mobility scooters is getting up and down kerbs.  Where I live, there’s not many drop kerbs.  Also, due to the lack of car park spaces, we have inconsiderate neighbours who either park on the pavements, or, half on the the kerb/pavements and road.  Therefore, I’m unable to go out in the mobility scooter independently near by. If we do go out, and, I’m in the wheelchair, my husband often has to push me on the road, due to the above,  Therefore, I’d consider asking the social services to assess you for a wheelchair, and, try using one first before parting with your money.  You should be fitted for one, which the social services will do for free, to make sure the wheelchair is comfortable, and, suitable for your needs.

Big Muff:
In my area wheelchair services will only give a chair if needed both indoors and outdoors so maybe better off trying Social Services . If it is just for occasional use when out it might be best just to buy a cheap folding chair off the net -even Argos sell them !. Nearly all are basic copies of the classic Everest & Jennings with with the addition of quick release whhels .
PS check weight before purchasing .


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