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Re: Lifting restrictions by Fiz from UK site
« Reply #75 on: 28 Jul 2021 05:33PM »
I'm not a fan of Reach in general, not least because I didn't like the merger of the Express and the Mirror, much less the take over of so many regional papers, and also I am under the impression from what I read in Private Eye that Reach don't treat their staff well in terms of pay, conditions, job security etc.  On the other hand, one could say that of a lot of sources of key information.  

That being said, when the BBC cut its regional news centres, it also started putting token funding into local non-BBC news sources.  Some of the Reach outlets seem to be recipients of some of that funding.

The vaccine uptake thing is scary, but overall I'm very nervous about this whole pandemic thing, being utterly terrified of long covid, so find it very difficult to be balanced in my views on vaccination rates.

I think it would help more if there was better-targeted vaccine advertising.  You can get vaccinated at a whole range of different venues, including places people normally go to for sports events, concerts, worship etc.  I had my first jab in a mosque and my second at a sports ground.  I can't help but think more young people would go if there was a jab festival, as it were.
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