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Interesting experience, but...
« on: 11 Jan 2019 12:26AM »
But one that left me flippin'raging >steam<

Last night I went to arrange a couple of flight bookings something I've now done many times so I didn't really expect any problems. Something that previously took at the longest in the past 30/45 minutes for me to get through ended up seeing me at the computer for something like 2 hours.

I had managed to sort out flight dates and so on with the only change to my normal routine when making a flight booking being the fact that I was also on this occasion booking flights for someone else.

OK so I've gone through the system and time has come for the payment for the flights, what happens?  I see a message telling me the costs of the chosen flights have increased and in order for me to complete the booking I will have to accept these price increases or choose other flight dates. Well given I've spoken with the other person involved in the flights I had looked to book and it was by now gone 1am in Berlin I was not about to go phoning Berlin to discuss new dates.

And so I click on the accept the increased flight prices, job done?  NO chance! I'm returned to an earlier booking stage with the previous lower prices being displayed and I go through the whole routine again. This was repeated 3/4 times with at one point my being presented with a screen telling me one of the intended flight dates was now sold out.

I closed down my notebook having given up, my intention now being to speak with my friend in Berlin (later the following day) about other dates for flights. As I started to head off to bed I decided, purely on impulse, to see what the same airline's web pages would say on my desktop computer. So here we go, I go through the booking process. Same dates of flights right down to time of flight and what happens?  I see the original lower prices for my intended flights, I enter to book these flights at these prices and my payment is accepted.

So my conclusion in regards to what I've gone through (and what by this time had given me a splitting sore head causing me to be unable to sleep all night) is that the airline that I was booking with flight booking system switched to using algorithm prediction based on my previous flight booking spending with the airline to increase the costs of my flights with the likelihood that I would accept the price increase and book the flights.

So now I'm, let's say annoyed but I'll check between my wee notebook (which I use when travelling) and my old desktop computer before I make bookings.

I seem to recall there being some idea in the retail sector of using algorithms and Wi-Fi in conjunction with customers mobile phones in some supermarkets to increase digitally displayed prices for these stores customers.
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