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Title: ESA
Post by: bub1 on 26 Jan 2018 08:19PM
Not sure what to put in title
If after my assessment yesterday they stop esa where do I stand with regards to dental treatment I went to dentist on Tuesday and had check up but she said I need a deep clean which is booked in for 6 Feb I may have heard result by then if esa is stopped will I have to pay for the treatment on the 6th February
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Monic1511 on 26 Jan 2018 09:10PM
IF you are found fit for work you would have to claim Jobseekers allowance for a short period while a reconsideration was done.  While on JSA you would still qualify for help with dental costs as I suspect you'll be on income related benefits.  >x-fingers< >hugs< >hugs<
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: bub1 on 26 Jan 2018 09:27PM
So even though it was put down on form that I need this treatment it won’t be covered?
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Fiz on 27 Jan 2018 09:11AM
Monic was saying you would still receive free dental care based on the fact that you would then be claiming income related JSA
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: bub1 on 27 Jan 2018 10:10AM
Will have to rethink that one then as if I fail I won’t be claiming JSA as I can’t work. So it would not be right to claim it.
Thankyou for making that clear for me.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 27 Jan 2018 10:30AM
Just a thought.  Something that occurred to  me about the way NHS dental treatment is charged.  What I'm about to say relates to England and I don't know which bit of the UK you're in, but if not England you could still check to see if it's the same.

It's to do with the fact that if you pay NHS dental charges, you're charged for a 'course of treatment' or for 'courses of treatment' not for 'a treatment' or 'treatments'.

If you have a check-up with a dentist on the NHS and they say you need cleaning, that is normally regarded as part of the same 'course of treatment'.  The different sorts of courses of treatment have different prices.  This is the one that seems to be relevant.

Quote from NHS website

Band 1 course of treatment – £20.60

This covers examinations, diagnosis (including radiographs), advice on how to prevent future problems, scale and polish if clinically necessary, and preventative care (for example, applications of fluoride varnish or fissure sealant).

So maybe check whether eligibility for free treatment depends on whether it's when the 'course of treatment' started or whether it depends on when it finished.  It may be that the fact the 'course of treatment' started whilst you were eligible, it would continue to be free until finished.  Or it might even be that a nice dentist would consider it the decent thing to finish off the treatment even if you're not eligible for free.  My own dentist cross-subsidises heavily between private and NHS care.  I know because I've taken other members of my family with different needs and different entitlements to see him. 

Title: Re: ESA
Post by: bub1 on 27 Jan 2018 12:23PM
Will do thanks
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 27 Jan 2018 02:26PM
Not that it matters, of course.  After all, you're disabled, so if it doesn't matter whether you've money for food or housing or care or equipment, then it doesn't matter if your teeth fall out.  Besides, if you don't get your ESA, you won't have any food to chew, so you won't need teeth.

Title: Re: ESA
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 27 Jan 2018 05:14PM
 >lol< naughty Sunny  >lol<

PS - I don't like the sound of a 'deep clean'  >yikes< > shudder <
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: bub1 on 27 Jan 2018 08:06PM
It’s not nice. But now I know about it Thankyou all.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Monic1511 on 27 Jan 2018 08:11PM

you can claim JSA if found fit for work - even though you know you are NOT fit for work - all that happens is you phone JSA and when the person says "are you fit available and actively seeking work" your reply is "according to the dwp I'm fit for work"  you then attend your first appointment and the assessor checks you're a real person and tells you to go away and create a CV & start thinking about what jobs you might apply for.  You turn up 2 weeks later with a sick line in hand and you can do that for 13 weeks, by which time hopefully a decision has been made about your ESA.

If you don't claim JSA its harder to justify the dental treatment as you NEED to be in receipt of an income related benefit to get the help.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Fiz on 17 May 2018 05:20AM
Totally different question but it's an ESA one so I thought I'd borrow this thread. When I last applied for ESA I was awarded nothing so I went to Tribunal who put me in the support group. That was 2011. Is it normal not to be reassessed in all this time since? The result would be no different I'm sure and the DWP would have been aware of my PIP assessment in 2016 in the meantime. I really hope an ESA assessment doesn't come up and bite me soon. Me being awarded nothing when assessed hasnt given me trust in the system.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Sunny Clouds on 17 May 2018 10:51AM
I was assessed in 2012 (first time, migration from IB) and then again in 2014.  I wonder whether for those of us in the support group, there's an assessment then another to be sure support group is right, then stick us on the back-burner unless something turns up that the relevant bit of the DWP considers may amount to a change of circumstances?

Maybe others will come along and say what their assessment spacings have been.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Fiz on 17 May 2018 10:57AM
That would be useful. I think I'd be reassured if others had long gaps though I think it's linked in with PIP awards, if you get a high award they probably think you're not worth assessing.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: bub1 on 17 May 2018 08:15PM
My assessments have been 2 years apart. I had one this year and expect another in July 2019.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Big Muff on 14 Jun 2018 08:15PM
Had my ESA assessment in 2016 and if memory serves me right the award was for 6 years
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: KizzyKazaer on 14 Jun 2018 09:31PM
You have a timescale on your award?  I'm still totally in the dark as to how long mine lasts (moved from WRAG to Support Group in January 2017)  In fact, I didn't think ESA awards actually had end dates....
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Monic1511 on 14 Jun 2018 09:42PM
The esa award doesn’t have a definite timescale, certain people are reviewed every 6 months and others are forgotten about.
I have clients with mental health issues who also have addiction issues and they get sent an esa50 every 6 months so end up on the esa, WCA, fit for work, JSA, mr, appeal, tribunal and get put in a group and 2 weeks after the appeal get another esa50.
It’s mad.
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Big Muff on 17 Jun 2018 04:12PM
Cannot remember the wording but that was the implication.
Might have to dig around & try & find it to see if I misread it <eek>
Title: Re: ESA
Post by: Monic1511 on 17 Jun 2018 04:22PM
Big Muff
don't bother - as long as you are getting paid and feel your in the correct group just leave it alone.