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Talk / A message for Boris Johnson
« Last post by lankou on 09 Jun 2021 05:52PM »
9 JUN 2021 —
Remember the face behind the mask
Remember the nurse who stepped up to the task
Remember their eyes and all they have seen
Remember our nurses and where they have been
Remember the hands and the warmth of their touch
Remember the nurse who has witnessed too much
Remember the voices with words left unspoken
Remember our nurses with their minds now left broken
Remember the parents sending their children away
Remember the nurse who had little choice but to stay
Remember their fear when they were asked to be brave
Remember our nurses working with a foot in the grave
Remember the neighbour who was too exhausted to eat
Remember the nurse staring into the face of defeat
Remember the friend who is no longer the same
Remember our nurses left thinking they are to blame
Remember being told to stay home in your safe place
Remember the nurse being told to pick up the pace
Remember the nights tucked up safe in your bed
Remember our nurses on shift who were counting the dead
Remember the virus and the lives it has taken
Remember the nurse who is now left forsaken
Remember those days with your family at home
Remember our nurses at home on their own
Remember the pressure damage caused by PPE
Remember the nurse behind the mask now has PTSD
Remember the family holidays cancelled at a cost
Remember our nurses and the time off they have lost
Remember the families of all those heroes in blue
Remember the nurses who have died – saving you
Remember now whilst you are rebuilding your life
Remember the nurses lost were someone’s husband or wife
Remember the scenes of patients survived and leaving ITU
Remember the nurses lining corridors who stood clapping for you
Remember the photographs of families when finally reunited
Remember photographs of nurses and how they’ve only just survived it
Remember us as human beings that too have mouths to feed
Remember us as people who have our own lives to lead
Remember us as warriors who gave it all we’ve got
Remember the nurses lost and forget them we shall not
Remember the country being served with the upmost accord
Remember a governments’ promise of recognition and reward
Remember the nationwide applause that were weekly praised by Boris
Remember the day he served our nurses with another broken promise
Written by Niaomi Gordon
Residents are asked to exercise caution when receiving phone calls of this type.Avoid dialling numbers printed on the back of cards,  If in doubt where possible check with your local branch for updates of your account
The trouble is that if you suspect fraud, the branch will probably just tell you to call their fraud department and give you the same number as is on the back of the card.  A replacement card went missing in the post a few months ago and I contacted the bank, but I was told it had to go through what they referred to as their lost & stolen team.

These frauds get nastier and nastier.
I keep getting a call saying my National Insurance account has been compromised!
How bizarre is that!
The trouble is that some people will misinterpret it as meaning there's been fraud on their NI account so call back on the number given to find out what their employer's been up to.

Someone close to me was defrauded by their employer not paying the required NI contributions.  This went on for years, and when discovered, the employer was prosecuted, but there was no compensation for my friend, who lost out on a pension because of it.
I keep getting a call saying my National Insurance account has been compromised! 
How bizarre is that!
Talk / Re: Thinking of you all
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 09 Jun 2021 11:07AM »
The one time I got really annoyed was some years ago on a much larger site than this when a poster I wasn't friends with, but had happened to meet once at an event, made reference to the neighbourhood I live in, and I had to think fast to reframe what was said as a reference to a place I know, not where I live.  I can't get my head round what makes someone think it's ok on a board read by vast numbers of people, to say where someone lives to within a short walking distance.

As it is, on another board, I'm having a problem withe someone I regard as a friend and with whom I chat offline who has now more than once made reference to things we've said offline but not online.  I can't get my head round why people do that, especially as in their case, I previously specifically asked them not to.  As I'm typing this, I'm sadly accepting that that's a friendship that's effectively ended. 

I know that over the years, I've given out enough personal information for someone that knows what they're doing to track me down, but I'd rather it wasn't too easy for the casual curious person.
Talk / Re: Thinking of you all
« Last post by JLR2 on 08 Jun 2021 10:14PM »
Sometime back when I was a paid subscriber to a newspaper's online site I, out of curiosity, Googled a fellow commentator's name and as they had mentioned in one of their online comments the name of the town they said they lived in, and to say I was surprised by what I was able to discover would be to put it mildly.

As the person involved had not used a made up name putting their name and town into Google led me to finding out some of their activities, council planning objections and the like, but more concerning to me was the fact that I was able, through what I had discovered, to use Google earth's street view to see the house where the commentator lived. I did think about trying to warn this commentator but I just could not think of a way to do this without others realising they too could do the same as I had done. The commentator was someone with whom I had many agreeable chats through the newspaper's comments section but had I been someone who felt offended by the commentator perhaps knowing where they lived they could pose a risk of harm to them.

Sometimes it can be all too easy to inadvertently put too much information on screen, even in seemingly agreeable chats.
Health and Disability / Re: Care needs assessment
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 08 Jun 2021 12:09PM »
That sounds promising. 

When I was a child and people like my nana got help from the council then later moved into a dementia ward, it may have sounded very restrictive, but the 'care in the community' we were sold has turned out to be even more disempowering, with DLA and AA never really being enough, then the 'austerity' cuts both directly to benefits and indirectly to council budgets.

The other thing is that when I was at school, in the sixth form, we did community service, rotating round elders' homes to help.  Ok, so there was no continuity, but it was just a bit of extra help on top of the council's meals on wheels etc.  My all time absurdity was a woman with a small front lawn and no way to cut it.  She had no garden shears, so in desperation, I used a pair of large scissors.  Yes, daft, but it gave me an experience I can still laugh at decades later and it gave her a tidy lawn that was otherwise neglected.  She felt ok to laugh with me at the time, too.

Also, in those days, more women were housewives, and more pottered to the shops and were happy to do a bit of shopping for neighbours with no embarassment.  Thus my nana got meals on wheels plus other shopping.

Where I live, the pandemic's been brilliant for networking our community to volunteer, e.g. I pick up a neighbour's medication for her, and I'd like to see that expanded.  If it hadn't been for the pandemic, I think by now I'd have asked for help with paperwork.  I don't mean to do the paperwork, I mean to sit with me and calm me while I do it.

I see more hope in community help than state help these days.
Talk / Re: Thinking of you all
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 08 Jun 2021 10:11AM »
I was briefly in a television programme years ago, and in the broadcast version (is 'cut' the word I want?) the presenter lied/misrepresented something I'd said while we were chatting before the programme.  He may not have meant to.  There's a phrase I've come across "He/she only hears what he/she wants to"  They also filmed me offline and used something I said completely out of context.  I think that was deliberate.

Once upon a time, stuff like that got lost unless someone had an old videotape, but now it lingers for years online.

It's made me wary.  Yet I post enough about myself online that I think some people would be able to recognise me.  But then we can be matched between different online boards.  I posted something on a different board which someone here spotted contained a distinctive feature of the posting style I was using at that time, even though I was using a different name and had changed some key details about myself.

How people can ever choose careers in entertainment or politics is beyond me.  I'd never be brave enough.

And now there's the added problem of technology that can alter videos, like the stuff recently used to make it seem like Trump was wearing his trousers back-to-front.
Health and Disability / Re: Covid jab
« Last post by Sunny Clouds on 08 Jun 2021 10:02AM »
The vaccination centre was very efficient.  The only bit I didn't like was going in because they'd got a long zig-zag of barriers, which of course is a sensible way of doing things when it gets crowded, but there was only one other person there, and he came up really close behind me when I entered.

(I find that sort of thing stressful.  As I've pointedly said to a few men who have taken it to extremes, if I can't trust a man not to get close enough to me to pass on a deadly virus, I certainly don't trust him not to get close enough to knock me over or grope me.  I find that comment so much more effective than pre-pandemic world-weary looks or put-downs like "Is that the best you can do?  You must be desperate!")

But inside, there were swarms of helpers guiding people around.  One bloke was adjusting his manner to different people waiting in the last bit of the queuing system, and with me he sort of lightly danced and gestured where to go and so I made a show of lightly hopping into place, which cheered me up. 

I told him I nearly hadn't come.  I said that I'd read online that the vaccine is a plot to inflict some sort of high-tech thing on you, but when I had the first jab, my hopes of getting a smartphone were dashed and all I got was a free life-saving injection to protect me and those around me.

Which is also what I got this time.

Today, my only poorliness is more fatigue and tears from waking early fretting about stuff and trying to blot it out for hours with a puzzle book, so as yet no problems from the vaccine.  Except not getting a free radio mast to carry round with me.  :biggrin:

BTW, it was indeed the Asda-Vinegar.  I hadn't heard that  nickname for it before, and it's definitely added to my vocabulary for future use.
Talk / Re: Thinking of you all
« Last post by Fiz on 08 Jun 2021 08:32AM »
I am a bear of little brain and don't understand tiktok. I have seen shared videos where people lip sync to prerecorded videos on tiktok, does it do more than that? 

I am so hopeless with technology plus hate myself so much and would never choose to post a photo or video of me anywhere I doubt that I would ever be able to use it.
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